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Richmond County Ambulance Logistics Supervisor in Brooklyn, New York

The Logistics Supervisor position has a critical function in ensuring that the daily turn in and out of the EMS crews are highly efficient. The employees in this position are to perform the following:

  • Assign vehicles and equipment as per the ePro schedule

  • Be available for all outgoing and incoming crews during the shift

  • Distribute proper equipment to crews and have them sign off upon receipt

  • Collect proper equipment from crews and have them sign off upon return

  • Plug in all re-chargeable equipment

  • Prep all equipment for re-distribution

  • Perform equipment inventory daily

  • Any equipment that is out-of-service (OOS) must be checked and tagged fortesting/repair

  • Advise management team of any OOS equipment

  • Issue verbal and written warnings for employees’ failure to comply with companypolicy

  • Ensure all equipment is updated in the ePro daily schedule worksheet

  • Perform supply inventory daily

  • Restock supplies based on inventory requirements

  • Supply inventory should not dwindle to below par levels

  • Advise management team when supplies are needed

  • Manage the appropriate parking and securing of the vehicles

  • Fill vehicles with fuel

  • Perform a NYS Part 800 check on ambulances

  • Seal equipment cabinets in the ambulances

  • Perform other duties as assigned

  • Possess a valid NYS driver license

  • A valid NYS EMT-B Certification is preferred

  • Properly operate the phone and/or other communications systems provided by thecompany

  • Properly operate the computer system and the software suites provided by thecompany

  • Speak to clients, customers and colleagues in a professional mannerBreak cabinet seals monthly to inspect all equipment