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NY Employer Laundry Worker in Buffalo, New York

Buffalo Laundry Worker F/T $15.00 per hour All shift

Must pass Drug Screening

Load articles into washers or dry-cleaning machines, or direct other workers to perform loading.
Start washers, dry cleaners, driers, or extractors, and turn valves or levers to regulate machine processes and the volume of soap, detergent, water, bleach, starch, and other additives. Operate extractors and driers, or direct their operation. Remove items from washers or dry-cleaning machines, or direct other workers to do so. Sort and count articles removed from dryers, and fold, wrap, or hang them. Clean machine filters, and lubricate equipment. Examine and sort into lots articles to be cleaned, according to color, fabric, dirt content, and cleaning technique required. Receive and mark articles for laundry or dry cleaning with identifying code numbers or names, using hand or machine markers.

Apply bleaching powders to spots and spray them with steam to remove stains from fabrics that do not respond to other cleaning solvents. Determine spotting procedures and proper solvents, based on fabric and stain types. Spray steam, water, or air over spots to flush out chemicals, dry material, raise naps, or brighten colors. Pre-soak, sterilize, scrub, spot-clean, and dry contaminated or stained articles, using neutralizer solutions and portable machines. Mix bleaching agents with hot water in vats, and soak material until it is bleached. Apply chemicals to neutralize the effects of solvents.

Apply In-person at: 325 Louisiana Street Buffalo, NY 14204