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Home Depot Warehouse Worker in Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, multiple locations: Warehouse Worker fulltime $15.00/hr.

Store items in an orderly and accessible manner in warehouses, tool rooms, supply rooms, or other areas. Examine and inspect stock items for wear or defects, reporting any damage to supervisors. Receive and count stock items, and record data manually or using computer. Mark stock items using identification tags, stamps, electric marking tools, or other labeling equipment. Verify inventory computations by comparing them to physical counts of stock, and investigate discrepancies or adjust errors.
Issue or distribute materials, products, parts, and supplies to customers or coworkers, based on information from incoming requisitions. Provide assistance or direction to other stockroom, warehouse, or storage yard workers. Dispose of damaged or defective items, or return them to vendors.
Clean and maintain supplies, tools, equipment, and storage areas to ensure compliance with safety regulations. Recommend disposal of excess, defective, or obsolete stock.

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