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Job Information

Polaris Healthcare Contractor in Catskill, New York

The focus of the position will be to conduct the day to day maintenance and upkeep of all common areas, including but not limited to;

• Cleans and maintains pristine cleanliness of front lobby, hallways, restrooms, and other common areas including washing, dusting, polishing, etc.

• Maintains common area floors including, wash and wax hard surface flooring, buffing, vacuuming carpets and rugs, washing carpets and rugs, cleaning tile grout, etc.

• Maintains common area walls, windows, and doors including, wash and clean, and washing windows

• Maintains common area lighting which involves changing light bulbs when lights are out

• Responsible for maintaining the appropriate level of sanitary and cleaning supplies for assigned areas

• Empty all trash receptacles and transport trash to the disposal area.

• Performs other duties as assigned

• 90% of job will be dedicated to Cleaning duties and 10% dedicated to light maintenance duties

Daytime Weekday and Weeked shifts available.