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PeopleReady Journeyman Concrete Setter & Finisher and Mason in East Syracuse, New York

As a Concrete Setter and Finisher, you are often responsible for setting the concrete forms and ensuring they have the correct depth and pitch. You'll place the concrete directly from the concrete wagon chute, concrete pump, concrete skip, or wheelbarrow and spread the concrete using shovels and rakes, sometimes using a straightedge back and forth across the top of the forms to ?screed,? or level, the freshly placed concrete. After leveling the concrete, concrete finishers smooth the surface using either a hand trowel, a long-handled ?bull float,? or powered floats. After the concrete has been leveled and floated, concrete finishers press an edger between the forms and the concrete to chamfer the edges so that they are less likely to chip. As a Concrete Setter, you will often be working as part of an exceptional team to lay wooden framework and craft a finished product that is up to the clients' standards. We would love to hear from you today.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Assisting in aligning forms, patching voids, and using saws to cut expansion joints

  • Making decisions and solving problems Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution

  • Assisting with mixing concrete, grout, and other concrete products by hand or mixing machine

  • Operating various small machines, such as skid loaders and backhoes

  • Assembling and dismantling various types of forms made of wood and metal Working from blueprints, drawings, or oral instructions to carry out tasks

  • Using hand and power tools to smooth concrete and grout


  • Minimum five years of experience in a construction setting

  • Able to lead and delegate a team of apprentices or general laborers

  • Verifiable references to confirm your professional skills and experience


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