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WellLife Network Registered Nurse DDA041- Mon-Fri 9AM- 5PM in Flushing, New York

Registered Nurse DDA041- Mon-Fri 9AM- 5PM

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Job Location

137th St IRA - Flushing, NY

Salary Range

$86,200.00 - $93,600.00 Salary/year

Job Description

Reporting to the Director of Nursing , Nurse Supervisor , the Registered Nurse (RN) is responsible for the wellbeing of all of the people served under his/her care. Accordingly, the RN provides care management, medical consultation/triage services, medical education to the people served at the specified program and/or their family/guardians as well as education/training to and observation of staff members who have been delegated nursing duties. Medical care coordination is for all the people in the assigned program(s) is accomplished through ensuring that: appropriate medical treatment and follow-up are provided, training and observation of AMAP staff and the Certified Nurse Assistants in their performance of nursing duties are conducted, on-call consultation and triage are performed and participation in program planning and/or treatment plan meetings takes place.


  1. Coordinates medical pre-admission evaluation and screening of prospective people with disabilities.

  2. Reviews and updates the person’s pre-admission evaluations within thirty (30) days of placement.

  3. Develops the annual Nursing Care Plan. Reviews and revises the Nursing Care Plan at least quarterly.

    a. Compiles and/or tracks all health problems (acute/chronic) and prepares/updates Nursing Care Plans as needed.

  4. Transcribes medication orders and dispenses daily medication to all people served as indicated.

  5. Conducts monthly reviews of the medication record of each person served to monitor potential adverse reactions, allergies, interactions, contraindications, rationality and determine the need for laboratory test modifications. Advises the physician of any medication errors or issues and indicates/recommends changes.

  6. Reviews all consults and/or medical reports with recommendations and meets with the Residence Manager, Nursing Supervisor on a weekly basis to ensure that all follow up is completed.

  7. Reviews special dietary orders and ensures accurate documentation of blood pressure and weight for each person served.

  8. Provides first aid and daily nursing care to the people served as needed. Monitors each person’s medical condition through observation and examination.

  9. Provide on-going care management and treatment of medical issues as prescribed by the Nursing Care Plans and/or physicians instructions, including but not limited to, providing soaks, changing dressings and managing G tubes and colostomy bags etc.

  10. Escorts/accompanies individuals on medical or psychiatric appointments as needed to ensure appropriate exchange of information.

  11. Participates in the weekly consult review meetings and ensures that all appointments/evaluations are completed in a timely manner.

  12. Responds in a timely fashion (within ½ hour) to all contacts from the residence requesting medical consultation/guidance and directs medical intervention until the situation is resolved. Serves as assigned on emergency medical response team for the Day Habilitation programs.

  13. Shares rotating on-call nursing responsibilities for after-hours and weekend medical triage and consultation.

  14. Ensures that the Residence Manager and staff are appropriately trained on all aspects of care for acute and chronic conditions. Provides and documents on-going staff training in the following areas:

    a. Detecting signs and symptoms of illness b. Specific health needs of the people served, such as special protocols c. Diabetes Mellitus d. First-aid e. Proper oral hygiene methods f. Nutrition g. Infection control, including universal precautions and OSHA standards. h. Hospitalization and emergency medical procedures
  15. Provides AMAP training to Direct Support Professionals; supervises medication administration demonstrations and evaluates their performance on these tasks.

  16. Provides oversight/supervision of the activities of the Certified Nurse Assistants where appropriate.

  17. Participates in the prevention of communicable diseases and infections through the implementation of appropriate protective and preventive measures.

  18. Administer PPD test to staff as scheduled

  19. Acts as a liaison with physician, dietitians, hospitals, pharmacies and families for all medical situations.

  20. Assists the Residence Manager in preparing information for Human Rights Committee and Surrogate Court decisions.

  21. Participates in Interdisciplinary Team Meetings.

  22. Attends regular supervision sessions with the Director of Nursing / Nursing Supervisor and keeps him/her informed of all significant developments.

  23. Attends nursing, team, consult/extended review, ISP meetings and other meetings as deemed necessary by his/her supervisor of the Director of Nursing.

  24. Serves on agency and department committees as requested.

  25. Maintain confidentiality at all times.

  26. Other relevant duties/special projects as assigned by the Nursing Supervisor, or Director of Nursing.

Job Qualification

Must have a current NYS RN License. Minimum one year of experience. Experience working with people with intellectual/developmental disabilities preferred.