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Job Information

Access: Supports For Living Self-Directed Broker in Middletown, New York

Location: Middletown, NY

Hours: Per Diem

Rate of pay: $18.00 per hour

Job Definition:

This position supports people to direct their own services through the provision of Self-Directed services as authorized under the auspices of OPWDD. The Support Broker provides information, guidance and technical assistance to the individual so that s/he can access, organize and utilize opportunities, resources and services necessary to live a self-determined life.

The Support Broker role is uniquely defined by the person utilizing the service.

Services are designed to provide assistance as needed with employer-related functions, planning, accessing community resources and service and support continuity and maintenance.

The Support Broker’s responsibilities vary depending on the choice and preferences of each individual participant, who are acting as an employer of record or managing employer. Additionally, the intensity of support provided may range from teaching skills to performing a task for the individual.

The individual and/or her or his surrogate select who they will work with as a Support Broker and will determine Support Broker duties and scope of work. The individual participants and/or their surrogates make their own decisions and cannot be forced or expected to accept Support Broker recommendations.

The Support Broker isnota surrogate decision-maker.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assisting the participant in developing and maintaining a Circle of Support/Planning Team and assisting in planning and directing team meetings (this includes: assisting the participant in scheduling and facilitating team meetings; identifying new team members; identifying and assigning roles and tasks for Circle of Support/Planning Team members; assisting with the overall functioning of the Circle of Support/Planning Team; ensuring team members are freely chosen by the participant; and the team is operating in the participant’s best interests and within the principles of Self-Determination).

  • Meeting with the participant's Circle of Support/Planning Team, at least twice a year as detailed in the Circle of Support/Planning Team Meetings section below.

  • Ensuring completion of and updates to Staff Action Plans for self-hired Community Habilitation and Supported Employment (SEMP) staff for participants who receive such services.

  • Assisting the individual to develop a comprehensive Self-Directed Budget that is consistent with his/her Life Plan; and

  • Working with the individual and his/her Circle of Support/Planning Team to ensure that all necessary safeguards are included and addressed in the Life Plan. Assisting the participant with developing a comprehensive Life Plan.

  • Providing education, training, and technical assistance to the participant and his/her Circle of Support/Planning Team in implementing the Self-Directed Budget according to applicable federal and state standards.

  • Working with the participant, his/her Circle of Support/Planning Team, and the Care Manager to identify and develop initial connections in the community, as identified in the participant’s Life Plan.

  • Monitoring Self-Direction expenditures to ensure that spending does not exceed the Self-Directed Budget by assisting the participant and the Circle of Support/Planning Team to review the expenditure report provided by the Fiscal Intermediary (FI).

  • Working with the individual and Circle of Support/Planning Team to review and update the Self-Direction Budget, as needed, so that it meets the needs of the participant and remains current and eligible for Medicaid funding.

  • Attending the participant’s Life Plan reviews and assisting the participant with reviewing and updating his/her Life Plan as requested.

  • Ensuring that at least two face-to-face Circle of Support/Planning Team meetings occur each year.

  • Assisting the participant with properly documenting services according to applicable federal and state regulations and policy (including assisting the participant with reviewing and submitting documentation to the FI, such as: employee time sheets; monthly summary note; mileage and expense reimbursement forms; and all other required documentation)

  • Assisting the participant with hiring and retaining appropriate support staff (including assisting the participant in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, scheduling, and supervising self-hired staff, and assisting the participant with identifying and retaining adequate backup staffing to ensure availability as needed by the participant)


Be at least 18 years of age.

Completion of OPWDD Broker training

One-year experience in Human Services with an understanding of advocacy and Person Centered Planning.

Possession of a valid driver’s license with a safe driving record AND a reliable means of transportation.

Demonstration of the following abilities:

Self-direct work

Work effectively as a member of a team

Communicate effectively both orally and in writing

Working knowledge and application of basic employment law, principles of self-determination, person centered thinking and planning

Use the training offered to meet the unique needs of the individual supported including her/his behavioral, communication and mobility needs.


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