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Job Information

Westchester Medical Center NUTRITION AIDE in Poughkeepsie, New York

Job Summary:

Works in assigned areas of the food service department and performs duties that may include, but are not limited to: preparation and delivery of food to patients, tray assembly and clean up of work station, maintenance of the sanitary condition of equipment, floors and re-usable.

  • As assigned, prepares cold food items according to standardized recipes and daily tally for the patient menu. Demonstrates the ability to prepare and keep hot & cold food items at the proper temperature. Handles food properly to prevent bacterial contamination. Organizes workstation at the end of the day everyday to prepare for the following shift.

  • Demonstrates the ability to follow established hand washing procedure and use gloves whenever food items are handled or served.

  • Delivers meal trays to patients according to correct name and medical record number. Before leaving patient care areas, notifies nursing staff of trays left on food carts because of blood work, isolation or test procedures. Picks up used trays from the patient rooms at the end of the meal and returns all items to the kitchen within established time frame

  • Sets up tray line work station so that it’s ready at the start time of the line. Works on tray line, reads menu and places correct items on each patient tray according to what is selected on the menu.

  • Sets up dish machine according to departmental procedure. Follows correct dish room procedures for scraping trays, loading and taking off, and storing dishes and utensils. Demonstrates the ability to use cleaning products correctly and as specified for the cleaning task. Does not have to be reminded to put all clean items in proper storage place

  • Maintains sanitary condition of equipment and re-useables as established by JCAHO, DOH guidelines and departmental policy. Completes cleaning assignments as scheduled or as directed by supervisor. Demonstrates the ability to follow established cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Takes the initiative to find additional cleaning jobs during downtime.

  • As assigned, maintains sanitary condition of pots, pans and the pot area. Removes garbage and recyclables from the kitchen to the appropriate areas. As assigned, helps clean cook’s area, kitchen floors, and cooking equipment

  • Performs other related duties as assigned



  • No food service experience required, customer service experience preferred.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent, preferred.

  • Training will be provided on the job.

Licenses / Certifications: N/A