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Geripro Dialysis Consultants Dialysis Assistant in Queens, New York

The Dialysis Assistant provides safe, timely and courteous transport to and from the nursing home to the dialysis center. Assist Dialysis staff where necessary in the overall running of the unit and to maintain a clean and sanitary environment.

Performs in accordance with the established rules, regulations and operating standards of the facility. Abides by all Federal, State and local regulations and laws relating to the operation of an ESRD facility as well as ensuring patient confidentiality.

Specific Duties:


  1. Transports patients from the nursing home to the dialysis center

  2. Assures the chair being used for transport is clean and good working order

  3. Verifies patient scheduled treatment time and picks up patients timely

  4. Brings along patients inter-facility communication book and assures entry from floor

  5. Places patient in available station as directed by clinical staff

  6. When notified by clinical staff of completion of treatment, return patient to floor nursing home

  7. Assist dialysis staff to transfer patients safely to chairs.

  8. Returns patient to floor safely with their communications book after entry made by dialysis staff


• Daily stocking the unit, checking inventory, ordering, deliveries, store incoming deliveries, stocking items in an organized first in first out form

• EOM inventory to be completed by the end of the business day of the month

Housekeeping -Provides specific cleaning duties as required by Facility using equipment and disinfectant selected by facility

  1. Clean Floors by dry/wet mopping/ vacuuming and polishing

  2. Clean /Disinfect bathroom, toilets, sinks, mirrors, walls

  3. Refill soap, paper towels and toilet paper

  4. Clean offices (Dust sweep mop) and waiting areas

  5. Clean Dialysis machines, chair and surrounding Area

  6. Periodically wash chairs, and biohazard wire racks

  7. Perform High dusting including vents and louvres

  8. Spot clean walls, garbage bins, fire extinguishers

  9. Collecting and disposing of garbage and replacing clean liners

  10. Transport garbage to compactor and biohazard materials and sharps container to biohazard storage room

11.Keep the unit’s Janitors closet clean and organize at all times

Other Duties

  • Answer Phones, take messages and directs to appropriate individual or persons promptly

  • Assist with faxing, filing and copies as directed by clinical staff

  • Register new admissions

  • Create lab bags

  • May perform other duties and assist in areas of the department as directed by a Nurse, Nurse Manager, Medical Director, or from administration.


  1. Keeps the Nurse Manager or charge nurse informed of any unusual patient problems or complications.

  2. Keeps the Nurse Manager or charge nurse informed of the operational status of all equipment on an on-going basis.

  3. Respects the confidentiality of all patients.

  4. Maintains a professional and functional attitude with co- workers in the presence of patients and others.

  5. Maintains a cooperative working relationship with all co-workers, both inter-facility and inter-facility with patients and with others whom a contact is made.

  6. Willfully assists in the orientation and teaching of new employees and students.

  7. Maintains established Standards of Caring


  1. Must be able to cope with mental and emotional stress of the position.

  2. Must function independently, have flexibility, personal integrity and the ability to work effectively with the patients, staff, family members, visitors and support regulatory agencies.

  3. Must be in good general health and demonstrate emotional stability.

  4. Must demonstrate a caring attitude and be able to relate to and work with the ill, disabled, elderly, emotionally upset, and at time hostile people within the facility.

  5. Must adhere to dress code and maintain a high level of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

  6. Ability to read, write, understand and speak English.

  7. Must have communication and interpersonal skills to work effectively with a wide variety of individuals

  8. Must have no physical limitations that would compromise the ability to perform duties and must be able to bend, squat stretch reach and twist

Minimum Qualifications: Education and Training Requirements:

• Good communications skills – verbal and written

• Required to move dialysis transport chairs with patients seated and may lift chemical and water solutions of up to 50 lbs. up as high as 5 feet.