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Willow Point Rehabilitation and Nursing Home Certified Nursing Assistant PT in Vestal, New York

Certified Nursing Assistant - The work involves providing personal care, comfort and safety for assigned residents in a nursing home. The incumbent performs duties of observing changes and assisting residents with activities of daily living. Direct supervision is received from a Registered Professional Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse responsible for the residents. Does related duties as required.
Answers all call lights/bells and resident requests in a timely manner.
Bathes, shaves, shampoos, combs hair, dresses, provides mouth care and nail care for residents requiring assistance.
Gives massage, and applies emollients, lotions and ointments to areas requiring treatment;
Serves meals and nourishment to residents and assists those requiring help;
Provides appropriate fluids at intervals throughout the day;
Provides perineal, colostomy and catheter care and application of briefs;
Administers bedpans, urinal and enemas as required;
Takes and records blood pressure, temperature, pulse, weight, respiration rate and oxygen saturation level;
Measures and records food and liquid intake and output;
Maintains record of care and observations, resident care profiles, and ADLs;
Reports orally any deviation in resident's condition to charge nurse, and documents pertinent resident information using electronic information system;
Attends and participates in case conferences when on duty, for residents in his/her care;
Observes and notes condition of skin, hair, nails and mouth;
Observes color, odor, and character of output;
Assists in the collection of specimens;
Performs passive and active range of motion;
Transfers residents to and from bed or chair, and positions the resident in proper body alignment and documents on resident's record (resident care profile);
Escorts residents to activities and appointments using techniques appropriate to their condition;
Participates in socialization activities;
Participates in activities of residents on the unit;
Notifies charge nurse regarding need for equipment repair or replacement;
Properly uses and cares for equipment and supplies;
Maintains cleanliness and neatness of resident's room and equipment;
Provides clean linen and clothing;
Removes soiled linen and clothing;
Participates in infection control programs by using proper hand washing techniques, avoiding cross contamination and uses
Proper isolation techniques as required;
Reports incidents and accidents to charge nurse;
Recognizes special needs of the elderly regarding age related changes and alters care appropriately;
Assists in orienting residents to the facility environment and routines upon admission and as needed throughout their stay;
May restrain residents using proper methods as required;
Works with the staffing coordinator by consistently and continuously reviewing posted work schedules to verify accuracy and to ensure awareness of the need for additional coverage; submits requests for time off to the staffing coordinator.
Skill in measuring amounts of liquid;
Possession of a New York State certificate of completion of Nurse Aide Training Course.
State Regulations: Pursuant to New York State regulations, Title 10, Part 415.13 (c) (v), a nursing home may use as a nurse aide any individual certified as a nurse aide by another state provided the facility verifies that the individual is listed in the other state's registry and has applied to the Department of Health for New York certification. Certification will be granted to any individual who is certified in another state provided.

Requirements -
Medical Exam.
Reference Check.